15:25 12 NWR Stallions selected for Sporttest, overall winner Orchard Boginov

         50 youngsters , 3 year old Stallions where in the mainring at Ermelo ( Netherlands ) to Compete to gain the Breeding Licence as Studbook Stallion, at the end of two day,s of selection, 12 Stallions where selected to go to the Sporttest to see how they presenting in Dressage and Show Jumping, overall winner is Orchard Boginov he did it again some years back and in between some other Orchard Stallions as Orchard Red prince and Orchard Wildeman ( ) walked away with this supreme titelas well, Orchard Wildeman whre Sold to the USA , for the first time there the possibility to follow the Stallionshow by Mac Rider ( ) by a Livestream at the web.