10:33 5 NWR Stallions are competing for breedng licence, one is pull pack

The NWR Jury has seen the stallions the first time, while there are in Ermelo to succeed to try getting the breeding licence. One compettitor Orchard Apache is pull back by his owner JW van Klaarbergen, it,s sad for the breeders to lose a handsome and beatifull stallion on monday (see news item before ) Orchard Apache whas the best performer in Show Jumping,  he is very talented and could be the new Kooihuster Teake (Teake it Easy) owner Syndicat Linaro in France.

we follow the others : Leunsveld,s Xantos , Valerio , Fleuramo,s Justin , Nia Domo,s Bolero and Orchard Wildeman. on the picture below: Orchard Apache v. Aester El Nino owner Orchardstud.

Orchard Apache