17:23 6 NWR Stallions are selected for the performence test 2011

On the Premium Stallionshow on 12 and 12 of Februari, 6 Stallions where selected to teka part on the Sport test who is very severe and though performence test in Ermelo which last 32 day's in Dressage and Jumping, these 6 are the best from 44 candidates, the Lucky one's are:

Name Stallion Father Mother's father Breeder Owner
Orchard Apache Aester El -Nino Verona's Bo-Gi W vd Zalm JW van Klaarbergen
Valerio Hagelkruis Valentijn Downland Folklore H Drent Fam Brouwer
Leunsveld's Xantos, Heitrak's Marvin Aester El-Nino A Peeters A Peeters
Fleuramo's Justin Heitrak's Marvin Bokkesprong Czardas D Saris R Vrolijken
Nia Domo's Bolero Orchard Boginov Orchard D'Avrances A Vloet JW Sloof
Orchard Wildeman Orchard Red Prince Wester Aikema's Norbert W vd Zalm JW Sloof