11:43 Orchard E.T wins de foal championchip on premiumshow in Hengelo

male foal Orchard E.T sired by Verona,s Bo-Gi won with superior power the championchip on the premiumshow in Hengelo . Jurymembers where very exited about the Movement, Flexibility and Constitution. Orchard ET is a real Ambassador ," that's the way we want Sportpony,s to move ! " say's Jos van de Goor Jury chairman this show 

E.T what means Extra - Terrestrial move "Out of this World" to honour is name. we can all related on the movie E.T from Steven Spielberg.

Two of the Orchard foal are being Premiumchampion foal now and have a ticket to the National Championchip from the NWPCS. you can also follow the duth website and use the translation button when needed.

 Orchard E.T. bred by Willem and Goos van Klaarbergen in the Netherlands