13:28 Orchard Red Elstar, A real NWR Ambassador doesn't compete in the Show competition this year

This is Orchard Red Elstar, bred by the Fam van der Zalm van Klaarbergen owned by the Family Sloof.

Red Elstar won over 3 years all the Championships in all classes from youth, best 3 year old, and Adult Campionships, the owners dicided she stay's at home this year, to give other compettitor's a Change, Red Elstar is a real Ambassador for our NWR, a Real prototype the jury said!

For her breeders the "Orchard stud" she's also a great Ambassodor. Qualty has a name and Orchard has that name, proven on top in the breeding and sports pony event's in Jumping and Dressage with Orchard Boginov and Orchard Red Prince, Orchard Fendt and many others. Orchard Pony's have presence,star appeal right proportions and a lot off freedom in action look on and find out your self.

The NWR Sport Pony is turning out to be "the shining" ambassadors for our 50 years old studbook. We are doing well with a big International welsh show in Ermelo and a great breeding season in 2009.

The NWR jury had the pleasure of inspecting several shows in Hand across the Netherlands, and their Quality has been superb, the said.

In fact at the international show with foreign jury members from England Mrs Elisabeth Mansfield and for Germany Mrs Claussnitzler, the Dutch NWR walked away with the Champion titels for best Welsh Part Bred (Orchard Red Elstar)

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