10:49 Premium show NWPCS with new young NWR Stallions

The Premium NWPCS Stallion show is to be held on 11 and 12 Febrary in de city of Ermelo. For the NWR there are 36 three year old stallions inscribed and three stallions are four year old. Heitrak's Marvin takes the lead as father with 9 sons, then following is Hagelkruis Valentijn with 6 sons De Goede Ree's Metall with 5 sons, Bodo with 4 sons, Orchard Boginov with 3 sons, Orchard Red Prince with 3 sons, Watermill Falcon with 2 sons and last but not least One son of Aester El-Nino. Fathers's of the 4 year old's are Bodo, Kielshoop Honeyhill and Orchard Red Prince. For the tough selection rules read all about it on this site

There are four Welsh Part Bred stallions inscribed that we know now, FS Dior de Luxe has one son in the show, Heitraks Marvin has one, Zodiak has one and Lemonshill Royal Flight.

Adres of the showground: KNHS-centrum DE Beek 125 te Ermelo